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HYPPE запущен MAXX

Beautiful outside, exquisite inside 

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Romeo Group Co.,Ltd.’s brand HYPPE has launched its latest product, MAXX. HYPPE is the vape brand founded in the USA that has within only a few short years expanded to the rest of the world, with teams based in the USA, UK, Russia, Spain and Australia.

Hyppe MAXX product KV

Sticking to their format of double molded glass finish ergonomic stylish design, the MAXX has taken the lessons from the past and exploited their R&D department to great lengths.

Using a 550mAh battery to ensure no puffs are left behind

The HYPPE MAXX takes itself quite seriously. Although no bigger than what is out in the market, it packs a much bigger punch.

It tweaks the way the airflow travels around the coil and is backed by a battery that powers the HYPPE MAXX until every drop of its amazing flavor has been used.

It still feels great in the hand. Being pocket-sized always helps if users are on the go or wearing shorts. Big bulky mods are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

100% Flavour from the first hit to the last

Well-pronounced flavors last from the first to the last puff.  

Blueberry Ice– A well-made flavor of sweet fresh blueberry with an overtone of ripeness on the inhale and an ever so slightly cool hit on the exhale. Just enough coolness without being an over bearing menthol hit.

Lush Ice– Another watermelon hits the market. But this time, it’s as if you took your freshly sliced and diced watermelon from the fridge and popped a chunk in your mouth. 

Peach Ice– Newer flavors can sometimes underwhelm users. Not so with Peach Ice from HYPPE MAXX.

Mango Ice– This flavor is more reminiscent of a frozen mango ice cream lolly than a fresh chilled mango. The mango flavor carries really well with a cool exhale and a flavor that is a little moist.

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